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5. Hiking Fuji-san, pt. 1

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5. Hiking Fuji-san, pt. 1


@terring: Thanks a lot!

@ee99: Thank you, but I don't know that I would really call it 'rural'. We'll definitely see some truly rural regions in the future though when we start working around crater lake.

@Benedict: Thank you, sir. The locals share your hesitation: there's no paths heading down into that swamp. :P

@111222333444: Thanks my numeric friend.

@Zulu2065: Thanks, I hope it continues to please.

@NMUSpidey: Thanks for the kind words. But it was true; there was only one comment on the previous update. ;)


New Stuff:

Area: Mt. Fuji

Tile: Lake Benihana

Remember that teaser from the last update? Well I hate teasers, so I can't wait any longer to post an update. :D

That last pic showed the road that makes up the back route to the southeast flank of Mt. Fuji. The town of Lake Benihana sits here at the end of the fuji rail line. (hehe none of that is actually constructed yet: i did this tile backwards and flora'd it first). The town is a popular tourist destination because the trail up Mt Fuji starts here. That's the trail we're going to take.

Nothing too awfully original since I've done nature trails before, but this time the variety of the plant life has been kicked up a notch.

1. The forest at the base of the mountain is typical of the area: Cedar and douglas fir with a small scattering of pine.


2. The start of the trail.


3. Ferns and brush grow abundantly in the moderate climate.


4. Continuing on a wildflower filled meadow meets the trail.


5. Meadows are a common feature of the mountainside.


6. Volcanic boulders peak out of the foxglove and shrubs.


7. Rocks are a common sight in the meadows.


8. Continuing on the trail encounters patches of yellow flowers.


9. As the trail climbs higher the forest thins out a tad. Dense cedars and fir give way to Spruce, fir, and alpine fir with more shrubby undergrowth.


10. The shrubbery thickens as the trees thin.


11. Alpine fir starts to appear.


12. More


13. As we reach the halfway point, we see the mountainside give way to Alpine fir spaced with lupines and small bushes.


14. The top corner of the tile, Roughly halfway to the top.


On the next update we'll go from here all the way to the top.

I hope you enjoyed the first half of hiking Mt. Fuji. Feel free to rate, +1, and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Until next time, happy gaming.

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