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Empire City Part 1: The Birth of a City



Welcome to Empire City the Financial Capital of Empire Bay.

This is the city a businessman dreams about or stays up at night of...

Empire City

The History of Empire City

It al happend in 1945 just after the occupation of the nazi germans the country was in chaos.

Because the country of Stronglyn was before the 1940's just new.

So the new leaders didn't now how to rule the country and everybody did what he liked in this new land.

What they did think was they needed money for a country and allot of it.

So a group of students went thinking, just thinking and thinking about money and how to get it.

Which lead to new revolutionary idea's about economic's.

These smart money makers built there capitol just up the river of Aequocunia which is Latin for sea of money.

Smart Ass Bastards, well thats what those Empirers are called on the countryside :)

Well let's get back on track, so these people went to there capitol which was in those days New Turardest.

And knocked on the door of the Minsitery of Infrastructure.

And the Minister loved there idea's.

And Empire City was born...



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