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Felines Found

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Hi guys! Firstly heres the replies....

@Hahei Thanks for the feedback. Just to let u know i am working on improving the forest and tribes.

no more comments :(

Before we begin i would like to say thanks to Schulmanator :thumb: :thumb: as he made this update possible. So onwards with the update!

Today the people of Eeshire were having thier end of September picnic when...

They discovered a feline village here it is

Resized to 79% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlargeF1ICU.jpg

Nervousily, they stepped into the village and was quickly meet by the felines. Soon all humans and felines around were talking about who they are and how suprising it is that they hadn't seen each over the years. The next day they arranged to meet up and show each other around various places. Here they're fishing. They use very different techniques...

Resized to 97% (was 826 x 296) - Click image to enlargeMuVpn.jpg

Next they played a bit of sport then had lunch at the resteruant

Resized to 79% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlargezHAlz.jpg

There was one disagreemant over what to have on the pizza but it was solved.


The King of Eeshire heard that felines had been found and came from his castle to talk with them.

Resized to 79% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlarge834zP.jpg

They discussed many things and came to an agreement that Eeshire will extend full citizenship to the feline population. The feline assembly, shown below, will send a delegation to the Bureau of Feline Affairs at their new location in The Wirdleplex to formalize this new relationship.


Thanks for viewing please coment and rate!!:ohyes:

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Indeed. The Eeshire felines are looking forward to sending delegates to the BFA, The BFA is the official transnational feline representative organization. After all, "purr" is the same in every language...

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