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Regal, CA

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blogentry-441196-0-55076700-1317843818_thumb.pngHey guys! This picture represents the small town of Regal, in southern CA. The town has a population of around 350 souls. Near Downtown Regal, is The University of Southern California at Austin. The was around WAY before Austin was (founded by Spaniards in 1678). As you can see, there are some pretty nice buildings in the town. Haha. I didn't use any new buildings to make the town. Now, here's a pic of the University of Austin (or Southern California).blogentry-441196-0-62717000-1317844392_thumb.png The school is home to around 12,000 students aged 18-22.


Well, there you have it! thanks for reading, and rememver to comment

jephonesewarrior :ninja:

Here are comments from the last entry:

I'm glad my instructionsworked. I'm a cali native so this looks really nice- Makes me want to return. 3/5titanicbuffphoto-thumb-235805.jpg The city looks nice, but it can improved a lot :)

1) Terraforming the land before building will make the city looks pretty awesome. Check some city journals for inspirations.

2) If you don't have N.A.M., get it. It will make your transportation system way more efficient, as well as adding new tools to make it more flexible.

3) Download custom made stuff. The Maxis buildings are O.K., but you can customize your cities to make them more personal.

4) Always hide the tool bar and the U.D.I. icons.

The rest are up to you. Keep it up and have fun :golly:Terring

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