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Austin: The West Side

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blogentry-441196-0-10484900-1317812405_thumb.jpgHey. This right here *(sorry for lo res) is the west side of Austin, a beach town in Southern CA. The current population is around 175,000 (quite large considering i dont use any cheats) The reason i don't show the east side, is because it is filled with cruddy slums. the only good thing over there is the convention center. Now the West Side (that's the name of the bourough) is home to entrences to highway 45( wich i'll show later) wich goes around Austin like a beltline.Downtown Austin has mainly streets and avenues (remember: no cheats). Also in the West Side is Antwerp Beach, the only inner city beach. This is quite off topic, but now i'm going to talk about Harrisburg and Regal (yes, i will get pics). Regal and Harrisburg are two suburbs of Austin. 90% of their populations are dirty rich, and in Harrisburg there is'nt a $$ or $ building in sight. This afternoons issue will be on either highway 45 or those suburbs. vote by 4pm!. I'll announce the winner


remember to vote and tell your friends!

jephonesewarrior :ninja:

Yes. i will be showing all comments from before entries.

P.S. check out my other journal, Democratic Republic of Jesphon.

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The city looks nice, but it can improved a lot :)

1) Terraforming the land before building will make the city looks pretty awesome. Check some city journals for inspirations.

2) If you don't have N.A.M., get it. It will make your transportation system way more efficient, as well as adding new tools to make it more flexible.

3) Download custom made stuff. The Maxis buildings are O.K., but you can customize your cities to make them more personal.

4) Always hide the tool bar and the U.D.I. icons.

The rest are up to you. Keep it up and have fun :golly:

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