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Th olden days of Jeunne Fenoire+ Contest!

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Praqcuis Replies:

Schulmanator: Thank you! It's always nice to have a proffesional to say something positive on an amateur CJ!

Huston: Thank you for the feedback, I actually did that on purpose, but anyway...

Hi all! Today we are going to witness two events in the history of Jeunne Fenoire!

Event 1: The Founding

It was a cold, dreary night, and the small coach wound it's way through the small trees. King Charles ll shivered, and glanced out the frosty window. He saw a shining light, gleaming out of the pines. He ordered his driver to turn around and stop. He got out, and found a small piece of opal, glittering in the rising sun. That is the story of how he started the city, and in two years time, he started construction:


That's all we will see of medieval times, but we are going now to witness another glorious day in Jeunne Fenoire's history:

Event Two: Completion of The Guardians Column.

I'm going to keep it short, but the Guardians Column is the tall statue at the very, very center of Praqcuis, built for the World Fair in 1894.


Sorry about the car sign. Anyway, whoever can answer this question gets to rename a kingdom of their choice! (I'll put it into french)/

When was the world fair held in Paris, France AND which British town is medieval Jeunne Fenoire based on? Clue- It used to be a Roman occupation.

Please rate, comment and give constructive feedback. Bye!

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