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Trip to Yabar

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Sky Guy


Sorry for the delay in an update- I started college, so I am pretty slammed :dead:


non-the-less, here is a small teaser like update of a small town south of Bandar Sabah. It is pretty popular with tourists, and is linked by a small two way raod to the capital. It also has a small airport averaging a few flights a day.






Here is the small airport



A parting shot of one of the beaches



I can't be 100% sure when the next update will be, but I will try and get as much work as Ic an done :D



111222333444: Thanks a bunch!

Mamaluigi945: Thanks for the nice reply. :D

Schulmanator: Thanks, yeah I recently figured out how to make a GIF, and so I have been addicted to it ever since :P

Adrianor: Thanks, that may be because I am such a reckless builder lol :P

Whysomadyo: haha sorry about that. This CJ is not held reliable for any health problems, or odd behaviors that may occur while viewing. :P

simbourgeois: Thanks, ya I am still not sure what it is actually going to be haha. :whatevs:

ascilnavia: Thank you very much!

Panthersimcity4: Thanks, my friend. :D

halenbyname: Thanks, I have thought about it, but I want it to be a relatively underdeveloped nation, where many roads are not widened yet. ;)

Evillions: Thanks, actually the grass is supposed to be dirt, but I have some sort of modd that changes it :P Oh well it worked out ok. :)

IL: Thanks, don't get your hopes up though- I haven't had a lot of time recently. I will try though ;)

AC76: Thanks a lot!

kody_bandmaster: What construction lot? PM me if you need help.

zapata92: Thank you. just do a search for construction the STEX and you will find a bunch. Also if you go to Kurier SImcity website, there is a large pack there that I use.

k50dude: Thanks, my friend- I am glad you liked it. :)

burnzie_16: Thanks a bunch. haha yeah it can be a pain- scrolling through endless menus, and then forgetting what you were even looking for :whatevs::P

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Awesome update, I've been waiting for this entry a long time. Your one of the most skilled Sc4 players ever, and P.S you spelled my name ascilnavia in the replies. :whatevs: , an honest mistake I'm sure.

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Congratulations on starting college. :D Good luck with your studies!

And great entry, as well. I love your beautiful BATs and flora. I also like how you've mixed Middle-Eastern and Asian BATs. I plan to maybe make a CJ with a similar style sometime in the future.....maybe, if I ever have the time. :uhm: Amazing job! :thumb:

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