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The Sensational Six #23

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Kari-2.jpgKari: *stunned* I simply cannot believe the night we just had...

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: We? I was the one who got bitchslapped to the floor and assaulted. Same with Nina and Marv!

Kari-2.jpgKari: *slightly ashamed* Yeah, well, we're all in this together, you guys know we're here for you...

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: So, do you think you could get us invited to any more of his parties? That was amazing!

Alexa.jpgAlexa: *punches Dan-O* Hey, be sensitive to them!

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: *smiling* Nah, don't worry about him, he's Mr. Insensitive.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: So, I'm Mr. Man, he's Mr. Insensitive, are you just gonna give everyone little nicknames now?

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Wait, he's Mr. Man?! How come he gets to be Mr. Man!?

Nina-2.jpgNina: Because he, Mr. Insensitive, was there to rescue not just one but two girls from certain unwilling deflowering at the hands of a lunatic.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: *sighs* Well, that does make a certain amount of sense...

For the most part, the seven teens enjoyed the rest of the night, finally falling asleep between 3 and 3:30 to wake up by 10 am the next morning. They said their good byes and spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the Winter Festival and wrapping up homework and studying for the following week. It would be a much less eventful week than the previous...



Kana.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #1: Oh my god, did you hear what happened at the big party after the dance?

Tsukino.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #2: No, I got grounded for running over a mailbox in my dad's car, so I couldn't go out at all.

Kana.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #1: No way, that sucks.

Tsukino.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #2: Totally. So like, what happened?

Kana.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #1: Well, you know that skinny little chick Marley?

Tsukino.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #2: Yeah, I sit behind her in Japanese. She seems sweet enough I guess.

Kana.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #1: Right, sweet, so check this out. Apparently JD and Ray went lookin' for Tory, and they found him in bed with her!

Tsukino.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #2: Tory and Marley? No way! I didn't think he'd go for someone with such small boobs!

Kana.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #1: Oh, you have no idea, Tory's a walking hard-on, he'd [expletive] anything with a pulse.

Tsukino.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #2: Shut up, that's totally gross.

Kana.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #1: You're gross.

Tsukino.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #2: Am not!

Kana.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #1: Are so!

Tsukino.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #2: I guess that explains why him an' Nina split. Her legs are closed up like Fort Knox. I heard he kicked her out of a moving car for not givin' it up.

Kana.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #1: That would be terrifying. I'd still let him do me, though.

Tsukino.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #2: So anyways, what's so special about Tory doin' flat Marley?

Kana.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #1: Turns out she's a freak! I heard she with all three of 'em at the same time! WITH with!

Tsukino.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #2: Seriously? Oh my god, she seems so innocent and she's just a little thing!

Kana.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #1: That's what I thought! Everybody's talkin' about it. They're saying she's gonna go to the next big party and everyone's gonna be waiting for her to do something crazy in front of everyone!

Tsukino.jpgRandom Schoolgirl #2: God, who knew?

Marv walked behind the two girls having this conversation and shook his head. He wasn't shocked, having seen first hand how full of crazy Marley turned out to be, but still. Three guys at once? That one's trouble. Gonna have to watch out for them for the next year. He turned towards Nina's locker and found his friends already gathered there. Erisa was leaning against the lockers with her eyes cast towards her shoes, and there was a general malaise over the group.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Guys, how's it going?

Nina-2.jpgNina: *hugs Marv* Oh, we're good.

The two of them looked at Erisa with concern on their faces. She must have felt their gazes because she immediately looked up and plastered a smile onto her face. Her skirt today was slightly longer than usual, and she actually buttoned her shirt up to the collar under her sweater rather than letting it hang open.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: What? I'm fine guys, really. I don't wanna be all dramatic and cause problems or anything now that we're finally past the last weekend. Don't worry too much.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Erisa, we're your best friends in the world, we care about you a lot. *puts her arm around Erisa's shoulder and pulls her away from the locker* You gotta talk about it and get it out of your system.

Erisa looked at her and her shell of toughness slipped for a split second and tears quickly welled up in her eyes. Not wanting to make a show of it, she quickly wiped them away and sniffled quietly.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: *softly* Not here. I can't do this here and now. It's just, I keep feeling his slap on my face, and I have scratches on my ribs from where... Well, once the physical damage heals it'll be easier to deal with.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: Well, you saw what he did to me. I feel so dirty.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: We were there to help you. Erisa, you're a hero, too. If you hadn't come in when you did, I don't know what would have happened. You gotta be proud of how you stepped up for us.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: I totally am. *smiles* Did you see me knock that girl Marley out? Bam, right to the floor. relives moment in her head and instantly feels better* Maybe it's a bit of karma. Inflict violence and pain on someone else, receive a little yourself...

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: *slaps Erisa's back, grins proudly* Well, you're my personal hero for the next week, at least.

Erisa-2.jpgErisa: *sarcastically* Wow, thanks Mr. Insensitive.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Seriously? Mr. Insensitive is gonna stick?

Nina-2.jpgNina: If the shoe fits... I am SO clever. Dad would be proud.

Taro-2.jpgTaro: Couldn't fit anyone better.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Ow, et tu, Taro?

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Ooo, good literary reference.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Alright, there's the bell. Talk to you cats later. I'll see you after class for a little while, 'cuz Alexa wants to have some food.

Kari-2.jpgKari: You guys dating?

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Nothing official, but y'all'll be the first to know!

With that, Dan-O disappeared down the hall, initiating them all to say their good byes and split for class.

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That random school girls conversation made my day, just too funny :rofl:

Lets hope erisa can pull through this and be mentally scared from the incident.

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escilnavia: Haha, that's alright. Yup, Dan-O's smoother with the ladies than most people give him credit for.

emperordaniel: Oh, they'll be spreadin' till the day we die. Gossip is one of the few things that travels faster than the speed of light.

Schulmanator: Get ready for a BIG HEAPIN' HELPIN' of drama as we get into the spring and Prom approaches!

Roger51: Hehe, I'm glad you liked that. We haven't heard the last of them, either! We'll keep a close eye on Erisa.

hahei: I hope you love your drama. Everyone has big war stories, political intrigue, explosions, etc, so I wanted to post something different. Am I doing a good enough job?

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my story. I hope you're enjoying the ride! I kept getting better at writing as the story progressed, so we've got some really good stuff coming up, including a HUGE surprise. Well, maybe shock is a better word for it...

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