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The Birth of Volcano City



Volcano City's settlers had decided that this was the perfect place to build a city, with plenty of hot springs. Now back then, no one worried about the volcano, in fact, it was just another mountain, it wasn't really doing much on the outside (while on the inside, the lava would soon build) The first trees were cut down and the wood used to build houses. Clearings were made for dirt roads, and they would be maintained. This city was just about 4 houses with a farm, and Bob's grease pit. Peter, (who would be the future mayor of Volcano City) was 13 at the time, and always loved to hang out with his friends at the restaurant afterschool. He was born in this city (back when it had 1 house) and only this family lived here.

One lovely afternoon, when Peter got home from school, he was shocked from what he saw.

Peter: "Mom! Why are they cutting down the trees?!

Mom: "Because they're going to build new houses there. Don't worry, they'll plant trees in the backyards.

Peter: "Are they going to cut down my tree?"

Mom: "Don't worry, they won't cut it down."


(an old pic of the house from satellite)


(After trees were cut down)

Peter was a nature lover, he grew up around trees and loved the outdoors. When he was 4, he planted his own tree in his backyard. He loved it very much, and wouldn't let anything happen to it. The trees he had been used to seeing in the backyard all his life had been cut down. Either way, his school work would soon keep him focused. He actually liked the fact that the new community was being built.

An Old factory was torn down to build farms:





Volcano City is now a small, rural community. A beautiful little city, that lies in the shadow of a huge volcano. (But that shouldn't be too much of a problem right?)


Keep scrollin'


(The town grew, about a year later, many new houses were built, and farms as well. The town is powered by a windmill plant.)

Here's a night image:


Here's some evening shots:




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