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New Prospects



Small update today. Just to set the scene for how Sandalwood shall grow. :) When I made this update I didn't quite think it was up to par, but oh well.


Much growth has occurred in the cities and regions North and South of Sandalwood country. After much decision and years of planning the new I-16, going up the coast in a completely different route, is set to connect the two regions via the coastal, and vastly unsettled county of Sandalwood. What this highway will do to the region, and especially the small settlement of Sandalwood (named after the county.)



There is currently 1 planned interchange in the entire county. It crosses the old I-16 (now re-named to the "Sandalwood Coastal Highway") which leads into town and to the old ferry crossing of the Francisca Bay.



Some more hilly areas in the region (which there are a lot of) have been decided to just be dug and blasted through. As going around them would just be more expensive.



After a while the intersection was completed. It will be a while before the entire length of it is finished though. It is a few miles outside of Sandalwood, and already the small town is getting some activity. Many of the workers on the highway are staying there in the local motel, and eating breakfast lunch and dinner there. The town has never seen so many people at one time.





ARAL, seeing this as a business opportunity, has already set up a gas station on the intersection right off the highway. Their first station within the Sandalwood county.



What becomes of the Francisca inlet? Well a 4-lane highway can't really depend on a ferry. It would be too much hassle. So the Francisca Bay Bridge Is being constructed. The harsh storms in the area, however, are slowing work momentarily.

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Fantastic! It must have taken you forever to place all those rocks and tress in such a nice way. Looks almost like a photo of a real place!

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Just amazing! It's incredible how realistic it is!

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I really don't know how you do it marsh, you make such a simple picture such a work of art.... :O

Awesome work as always :)

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lobsterav, keder, hahei, mamaluigi, K50 & DC metro: Thank you all :D

escilnavia: Could you be more specific? The tree controller I am using is CP's Missouri breaks. But I've been adding in a lot of flora using a ton of mmp's.

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