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6 | 2018 - 2022 World Expo delaaaaware

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Greater Delaware City Council have confirmed that it is highly possible that Delaware will host 2018-2022 World Expo. The local community strongly support the idea to host the World Expo in at least next decade. Mayor of Delaware, Gordon Palaszsck have announced that it is most likely that Delaware will host 2022, rather than 2018 because there are also some serious considerations for 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in Delaware as well. Today at City Hall, Mayor and Minister of Infrastructure (along with other ministers) have confirmed that Greater Delaware City Council have sufficient funding to cover the World Expo, and expecting a huge revenue being earned afterwards. Mayor of Delaware have confirmed that the graphic design for the 2018-2022 World Expo will be designed and released to the public for a feedback whenever if they like it or not. Once if they like it, we will go ahead with the design regardless if it is small or big. Our main idea for the World Expo theme, will be focused on River Tyne, and old landmarks, along with the trees. "Maybe, something green? To demonstrate to the world that we are environmentally friendly, and this World Expo will be environmentally friendly." Mayor announced. International Committee have confirmed that Delaware is most likely to be next candicidate city for the World Expo, because of its unique location, its culture, its sense of "city life" and its multi-cultural diverse city. The official plans, designs and general information will be released within next upcoming updates. So tune in, for the massive international event, after the proposed 2016 Olympics plan. :)


Delaware City Hall - at Old Delaware.

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