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Myrtila | A lonely mining community

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Myrtila is a small mining community on the far side of Malakar, the largest of the Boneilan moons, and currently has about 750 inhabitants, mostly consisting of Bouneyes, as they are excellent at mining, due to the fact that they prefer underground living in the first place. The site was only recently established, but already has a Solar Tower and a plant to process the materials produced from the mine, which mostly produces high-quality iron. Due to the small size of the colony, it is one of the few colonies on the far side to not be protected by a shield generator, and only has one X-Wing and two Tubewing fighters for its defense.

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[b]skyscraper241:[/b] Remember, this is a tiny community, so what is visible in the pic is basically all there is to show :P
[b]lmao:[/b] Thanks! The "people" are actually rabbit-like creatures, and the ones in this community mostly live in those domed structures, capable of housing up to 250 Bouneyes. ;)
[b]DanPeterson:[/b] Not sure what that means...
[b]iuri99:[/b]Yes, they're like the Star Wars X-Wings. ;)
[b]Legobuilder123:[/b] Thanks a lot! :bunny:

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