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Introduction to Boneila

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The Flag of the Sovereign Royal Planet of Boneila


The Emblem of the Almighty Bunny, Leader of Boneila


Location of Boneila within the Milky Way Galaxy


Our wonderful green planet, home to the swamp-dwelling Kaptek, the rabbit-like Bouneyes, and the ever-present Humans

Boneila is a large planet, weighing about 5 Earth masses, located in the outer rim of the Galaxy, near the tip of the Sagittarius Arm. The current Boneilan Senator is the Bouneye Reffins Sraegib, from the town of Swamp Island. The Chancellor of the United Planetary Federation is also a Boneilan; a human by the name of Sinif Murolav.

There are relatively few open bodies of water on the planet since the Freshwater Ocean dried up, with much of the former ocean bed turning into swamps. One exception to this is Naws Lake, a massive body of fresh water about the size of the Arctic Ocean. Much of the raw material for building starfighters, one of Boneila's primary exports, comes from Malakar, the largest of Boneila's 16 moons. Boneila has a strong military due to its starfighters, reputed to be among the best in the Galaxy, and also due to the skill of its Buni, elite members of the Boneilan Military who wield lightsabers in addition to their normal laser guns.

Want to learn more about the United Planetary Federation? Just click the banner below to take you there!



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5 times the mass of earth? I wonder what its gravity is like. Nice intro, I'll keep an eye open for more!
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Awesome job! There's a lack of Sci-fi/Space themed CJ's (Besides Eden and Alien Worlds) and I think this one is going to be really good. :yes:
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[b]Huston:[/b] Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)
[b]NMUSpidey:[/b] The gravity is approximately 5 times Earth gravity, which allows the inhabitants to do some amazing things off-world :P
[b]MamaLuigi945:[/b] Thanks! I hope it will turn out good :bunny:

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[b]ZMT123:[/b] Thank you :)
[b]osneaga:[/b] There are a lot of forests, but the dominant ecosystems are swamps and grasslands ;)
[b]lesgaz:[/b] More is here! :bunny:

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