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The Meadows of Soffale

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Praqcuis Replies:

10000000000000: Thank you, I know it got a bit repitious. My four main inspirations are: Corsica, Insulo, Schulmania and The Republic ofSchakkopf.

Whysomadyo: I know, sometimes they can be a bit finicky, and thanks for supporting my CJ!

SmartbyLaw: Wow! I'm flattered! Thanks very much!

Today we are going to the lush meadows in the kingdom of Soffale, near the king's summer palace. While one side of Soffale is made up of the Praqcuisian Alps, one of the highest mountain ranges in Europe, this side is lush, flowery prairie and forest, so let's go!


Thanks again and please rate, comment and reply and give constructive criticism!

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