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Alba de Tormes- The town of good fortune



Praqcuis replies:

ee99- Thank you very much!

ggamgus- Thank you very much, I'll keep that in mind!

Schulmanator- Great! Well here they are...

Hello everyone! Today we are going to the island village of Alba de Tormes, which you saw in a teaser yesterday.


Alba de Tormes is one of the only two places on Earth were Nemean pigs can be bred. Nemean pigs are a species of black or red pigs used to make the enormously expensive Nemean Ham, only served at the finest restaurants. They must, to meet the qualifications: Listen to Mozart ( : for 2 hours a day, graze around the paddocks on the island for 12 hours, and go to sleep. After repeating this for 14 months, they are slaughtered with a granite knife. Here, you can see them grazing:


That's all for today, but here's another little teaser for tomorrow: (By the way, I will be doing entries on the things I have shown you in yesterdays entry, after that, I will show you New Paliston, capital of Cartre.


That's all folks!

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It's a little bit repititious. Try to spread it out a bit more too. You should check out the "Corsica" CJ. There's some great stuff in there and the feel is what I think you're going for =]. Even so, great job with the terraforming and I'm waiting for your next update :)

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^ Yup. Open spaces and more varied buildings. Those mbear houses grow on 1x1, 2x2, and 1x2. try to do that for different results as well :P

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Wow! It looks great, and I'll keep my eyes on this. If you want a honest feedback, I think your town layout and design is too limited. Try and build more houses and spread it outwards, it will look much more realistic. Cheers :)

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@400Z9 Thank you! , However, you wont be seeing much development in a few days in our tour around Soffale! 

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