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OIL! Drilling Begins, Development Rockets!



Eaton County Drills for Oil!

Eaton County has indeed decided to sell leases for drilling in the western praries. So today we'll look at the new Oil Port and some developments around the Town.

An Overview! The New Oil Port is just past the upper right corner of this photo.


Some pics of the Oil Port:




To handle all the new residents moving to Alcesia, The Earcester and North Railways have built a spur to Alcesia off the main Coastal Line. Also on this spur is the filling station for the Oil Port.

This is Fincham Street Station, the only Passenger Terminal in Alcesia as of now:


Down Fincham Street is the new Fincham St Park.


Downtown Commercial Development creeps west along Fourth St.


New Apartments On Third Street


New Commercial Towers for the Oil Companies that are moving into Town:


Whew, that was a big update, eh? Anyways, thanks for stopping by!


Recommended Comments

Amazing update. The oil is realistic and I see you are slowly creating a skyline in your city. I love it. For the trees, they don't take up much at all, they help with decoration and since they are mayor mode small tool trees, they are not props, they just add a realism effect, but that's fine. I love the improvements. :thumb:

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Lovely! The realism is great and I'm marveling at the new development. =D Guess I feel bad about going all environmentalist and trying to save those trees =O 5/5 and +1 for you =D

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Great burbs! Burbiton ... bourbon! damn! I have attention span of a monkey! Hahahaha Great update! Now don't make any oil spills! We're watching! :D

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haha, you see what i did there? BAM!

In your second image, what train props/set are you using?

AND, where do you host your images?

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Ive Wet myself, this is so good, my pants are soaking!!! WET WET WET, rinse out the rude boys, get ready ladies!!! YOU ARE SO WET!!! :angry:

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