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Ring of Fire - Introduction



Welcome to the Ring of Fire.

Somewhere on the shores of the Great Sea lies a strip of land between the mountains of fire and the vast ocean of storms. Surrounded by great forces of destruction clothed in natural beauty a small nation thrives.


So here it is. Although my first CJ, Rip City, was a successful experiment I got bored with the portland map and decided to create a map that I would (hopefully) not get bored with. After several tries at extracting parts of other maps and piecing them together I've created the above map. It's created from pieces of 7 other maps (mostly by the NHP team) and is 60km long by 36km tall. Unfortunately I didn't get to include some of my favorite maps, like the excellent Kauai and Maui maps by dobriver and the vancouver BC one, but I wanted to have at least some flat coastline to work with. Almost all of the mountains in this map are lowered, some significantly, from their original height to make it easier to blend them together and have a playable terrain. This map is by no means perfect (and will probably still be altered by hand it some areas), but I'm very, very happy with it.

Here is the export from sc4tf:


Stylistically this will be similar to Rip City. However, since my nature posts were by and large more successful than my city posts here on the STEX I will try to focus more on the natural scenery of the environment.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction - this page.


Thanks for visiting the Ring of Fire, I hope you enjoyed your stay!

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Pretty good! One of the mountains there looks a lot like Mount St. Helens with the northern face of the mountain gone. Wait a minute... It is Mount St. Helens, isn't it?

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Coming Up: Destruction bwahahahahahahahaha! [img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/11.gif[/img]

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