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Wall-to-Wall Galore

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heitomat: Thank you for your comment! Wherever we come from, we never forget.

NMUSpidey: Thanks for commenting!

k50dude: Thank you for your comment, and the best of luck for the Simlympics!

Sky Guy: Thank you for your comment! As this CJ is New York-based, I felt I needed to do that update...

Retep Molinari: Thanks for commenting, glad to see you back!

10000000000000: Thank you for commenting!

Exla357: Thank you for commenting, good to hear it has touched you... You were 4 in 2001? This makes me feel terribly old... >.<

DCMetro34: Thank you for your comment! It wasn't difficult to imagine the day after the 9/11; unfortunately, Madrid attacks made us feel the same...

Mithrik: ¬°Gracias por comentar!



Nothing spectacular in this update. Just the bread-and-butter stuff, what Rankine is genuinely made of: Wall-to-Walls.


Wall-to-Walls are a very typical kind of building in the New York City area, very specially in Manhattan, where everything is so tighlty packed that the only way of growing was... going up. During the years, Rankine has seen other buildings replacing Wall-to-Walls, but they keep being the most popular buildings here.


This kind of buildings give a great flexibility to constructors. They can be built virtually anywhere, besides anything, and in small lots. Metro-North tracks can be laid between the buildings and nobody (except its dwellers) will complain.



One of Rankine's police precincts was built in a Wall-to-Wall fashion only a few years ago. A very optimistic architect thought that a modern and dynamic bulding would revive this part of North Rankine but he clearly failed. This city would need a dozen of precincts like this one to be under control.

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The best in grime! ~ Alongside Astoria, Selbring, and Serindriea ~

Great job with the W2W, I really loved the BATs you used and how you used them. :yes:

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Nice pictures mate!
In too many cities the high tension pylons are too much expensive to remove, I like the way You use them! A good inspiration as always!

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I love it. The new building actually fits well here - but I don't expect it to lead to gentrification/renewal any time soon!

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