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The People of the North

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Came to be known as the area north of downtown and west of SR2.

Brimming with Rosevillians, Northrup built a mall so that traffic into downtown could be eased.

What they didn't expect was the population explosion in nearby North Roseville. Mid rises sprouted up everywhere and traffic still sucked.

Maybe the mayor should consider some mass transit options. There isn't even a rail line in downtown!

Back to the City

North Roseville. Maxis Architectural Co has been the major benefactor for the neighborhood's growth.


Apparently residents don't mind living next to a waste treatment plant...


North Roseville's tallest building sits in an older part of the neighborhood.


North Roseville, as one would expect, is just north of the Roseville Industial Core.


The Northrup Mall is surrounded by Roseville's neediest residents. Just off of SR2, the mall has great access.


SR2 heads into the city's core; we can see the buildings starting to get taller. :ooh:


Just on the edge of downtown, SR2 becomes Main Street, the widest fully-accessable street in the Roseville Metro Area.


Northrup edges R202, a highway badly in need of a upgrade... maybe next time. 8)


Just the tip of the Roseville iceburg. :)


As always, thank you for visiting Roseville! DOWNTOWN... SOON :O

As you can see, much of Roseville needs a good makeover, I'm sure you all wont mind watching it be renovated :thumb:

AND as a special treat for 2000 views, I give you this :read:

A glimpse of a side project: Smallville :]

Smallville is about 10 km from Roseville and is actually part of the greater Jacksonville metro area.


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Nice suburban style city, though there is a LOT of repition.

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Thanks for the feedback! I originally had the chicago building style, but changed to houston after a while because i felt like i was modernizing the city; unfortunately i got a huge repetition problem because at the time i had nearly no custom medium density buildings and only one building style on. The next update will show improvements to both SR3 and increased building variety!

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