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Beyond the Breaking Waves

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Welcome to the Bay of Pratt, The Home of Pinniped Islands!

Some of these pictures are from a new region I've created called "Shangri-La" :)

Welcome back everyone! The site appeared to be down last weekend, so I was not a ble to post any updates but this weekend I am.

I remember in the last update I said I might do another experiements type journal, however, I've decided to feature some offshore industry that I created a while ago.

The Bay of Pratt stretches nearly the entire coastline from Jackson to Ceder View and is the location of three massive natural gas and oil reserves that the country of sells to the nearby country of Smelt. The Bay of Pratt is also home to the Pinniped Islands, a small group of Islands near the center of the bay. The most famous of which, is Whale Tail Island.

Whale Tail Island is the biggest island in the group and is the gettaway destination for the wealthiest Pratt citizens.


A Picture of Whale Tail Island. Notice the Large Cruise Ship at the bottom right.


The surfers love the large waves that come directly from the open ocean.


A smaller cruise ship enroute to the Islands.


This is Drilling Station A-2743, with a Liberian Natural Gas Compony ship anchored next to it.


A large Super Tanker filled with crude oil, ready to be shipped to port.


An overview of the Station.

That's it untill next week (hopefully) Please stay tuned, and once again Thankyou!

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[quote name='hahei' timestamp='1316916104']
Fantastic! Where did you get the oil rig?

I'm not really sure which file it was, but I got most of the really cool things from Somy. They have some pretty cool things.

Link Right [url="http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/p8.htm"]Here![/url]

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