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Start Creating the World: A whole new project.

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I will create the world throughout this Cj, as my City Journal never really was expected to turn out this way. So the construction of planet earth has begun. As of now, there are no people in New York City. The Texan Empire wanted to build a nice waterfront before starting NY's development.


I know, all it has is bridges. All about to change.


My sims are already liking my city.

Peek at Rome:


Rome is a beautiful city. It was origonally built in a dessert, but a hurricane dampened the area. This is supposed to be a suburb.

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I beg to differ, your cities need major revamps. Better yet, start over.

When I go to Rome, I don't expect Chinese architecture and oil power plants smack-dab next to the city. Where's the Italian architecture?? Where's the grand churches??!

I'm sorry, but this is completely bad. [b]YOU REALLY[/b] should take the time to build your cities and at least make them presentable. This isn't remotely close to being a beautiful city. Check out prestige CJs around here like my Republic of Onubis, Huston's Republic of Llithustania, TekindusT's Tenements & Rust: Ghetto Stories, and other great ones out there. Those are the types of CJs you should get inspiration from cause I'm sure they inspired TONS of CJers.
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Three things to say :read: ....... get a water mod , a terrain mod and, some custom bridges. Do these things and your city journal shall [b]THRIVE. :] [/b]

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YEa i agree this is not very good, no offense, you dont need to add special affects or anything spectacular to your photos, but people want to see something that shows effort. So you should restart and do something nice ? :)

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uhhh wasn't the last picture a pic from the last entry . Not to be harsh again but it looks like you rushed through these too just get updates done . If I where you I would slow down and build up some more towns so you can showcase your city's more effeciantlly . (P.s excuse my spelling im typing in a hurry) :P

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