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City Of Cambridge

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Update 1: City introduction

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I accidentally posted this entry twice! Here is the right link. Sorry about that!


Welcome to the City of Cambridge! This is a city journal about a city located in a bay near the Pacific Ocean. It is in a fictional country called Licenta. Cambridge has a large metropolitan area, beach communities, and great transportation networks.


Here is downtown Cambridge. The tallest building here is the Union Bank Headquarters. The people of cambridge our proud of their skyline that can be seen from miles away. But the first settlement wasn't here.



The people of Cambridge first settled way back in the 1800s on the Cambridge River. The area is now known as "Old Town" and has some tourists from Cambridge visit to see what it was like in the 19th century.



The skyscrapers of Cambridge today.



This is Mt. Cambridge City Park. It is the source of the Cambridge River. It isn't very much of a river, though. It is less than 2 miles long and about 20 feet wide, and it is pretty shallow at most parts. It's mouth is at the bay near downtown Cambridge.



This is the shipping port. In the mid 1900s the area around the port was mostly industrial but now commercial office buildings have taken over the area.


Thats the first update! And Remember that this is just an introduction so more is coming in the next update. I hope you liked it-comment! :read:Update 2 is done! Link

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