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A secret revealed




Spidey: Thanks, I tend to struggle a bit on airports, getting better through some help. I do know of the one done by bripizza, haven't used it yet, and the next update is now!!

heitomat: Airports do tend to take a large area, I normally leave a large city tile just for it, this one is slightly smaller, as it is just the international terminal, the domestic one will be next to it a short distance away, with the intended public transport connecting them.

Sam: Cheers Sam, I did the transport view to hide some things ;)

10000000000000: Thanks for the advise, I have done that, and it does look a lot better!

This will be one of the most random updates, it includes SC4, Cities XL, a random city I made once, and a BIG secret that I have been working on for months (I do hope you enjoy it :D )

Lets start with SC4 and we will end with SC4 in the big reveal :read:

This city was made very quickly, it was made to get used to the NWM and TuLEP, I started on the public area, and the rest just followed...




Onto Cities XL, this was taken from my cj Preverlly Point, it shows the town hall.



The city I made once in a day, and never touched it again....it is very strange.




Back to SC4 and,

The Moment You Have Been Waiting For!!

I know all my loyal followers, I know who they are ;) , have been waiting for this, it has taken me a long time to complete, and still isn't finished. When it is all finished, I will show the full and final product! Be patient and it will come :D Click for full size.


You are allowed to take your guess as to what it is, and where it is!

If you are still confused, that's normal :P

I am sorry for the long delay between updates, life should hopefully be settling down soon!

Enjoy the pics! Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome.


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Nice! This is the first entry of yours I've seen and it all looks very promising!<div>P.S- I love the way&nbsp;you've mixed cities XL and SC4 together- 10/10!<img src="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/29.gif" alt=":ohyes:" class="bbc_emoticon">&nbsp;</div>

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I'd like to have a shot at playing Cities XL. Is it worth the money? Should I wait for the new one this year?

Oh, the update was nice as well. It's always a bit strange seeing a dense urban area suddenly end in green fields, but the built areas were lovely. Sorry I missed this one!

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hahaha that's all good spidey! I know about the dense urban area ending on grass, that was only a test city, normally they don't end like that, well I try not to do it!

As for CXL, I would wait for the new one to be released. Few tweaks to be sorted out and has some new buildings in it.

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