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Metropolitan Sub-Divisions of Tarvastu



As you may have noticed already: My CJ is 50% maps, 50% other things, so guess what? here's another map!


Long time back I had posted a map showing the location of each of the cities within the metropolitan area, but that was back when I was still using the old Tarvastu (before I decided to delete the gamefiles in a moment of rage hehe) So now here's the map but using "neo" Tarvastu:


As you may have noticed the borders aren't the usual SimCity4 Large Medium Small squares. Why? because I planned the city out to look like a real metropolis so some areas of one city extend into the next square to give it a more natural look. So, well, this is Tarvastu.

Note: Cities like Dulga Taamel, Kask and Tallinn are actually 3 or more squares 'merged' in game they are completely different squares, cities like Hingett, Ialjuva and others are actually smaller than the medium sized square they are in-game.... It's hard to explain haha hope you understood. **(The metropolitan area is made up of 35 developed SimCity squares, all medium and small)**

Well anyway, thanks for viewing! leave comments or suggestions! I usually respond in the comments! :ducky:


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Note 2: (I didn't want to take up more space) I've gone back to using Maxis terrain (California Terrain was messing with me) and started using a new Pine tree mod...

Any suggestions on what terrain mod I should use???

keep in mind the geographical location of my Country (Right on Canada, North of Maine USA.) So I also need a good beach mod to make my beaches less... well... tropical-ly hahaha


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That's gotta be one of the most natural-looking regions I've seen so far.

I'd suggest using the [url="http://www.sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1527"]CPT Italia Terrain Mod[/url]. It looks great, and there's fewer dependencies to deal with. Plus, the very "un-tropical-ly" rocky beaches that it comes with look a lot better than the default Maxis sand beach.

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