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The Sensational Six #18

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Okay, that last one was a bit on the long side, wasn't it? Maybe a little melodramatic? Remember, these are high school students, so they LOVE the melodrama ;) . Anyways, thanks for coming back and keepin' up with the story. The Six appreciate it as well!



Marley-2.jpg *as usual before 8th period* Hey Marv, how's it going?

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Oh, hey Marley, not much. You?

Marley-2.jpgMarley: Same, I s'pose. You have a good weekend?

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Yeah, mostly good. We went to Erisa's game, and then afterwards went to some art galleries near PMU.

Marley usually only engaged in small talk with him. He got the distinct feeling that she thought he was small fries compared to her, but at least interesting enough to talk to pleasantly in classes they shared.

Marley-2.jpgMarley: *leaning towards him, smiling excitedly* You said 'mostly.' What was the bad part?

Marv-2.jpgMarv: *hesitantly* Oh, uh, it was no big deal. She's not that good of a friend, what business does she have knowing what happened?

Marley-2.jpgMarley: Aw, c'mon Marv. I love a good bit of gossip!

Marv-2.jpgMarv: *sighs* Alright, Tory showed up at the game. I got the distinct feeling he was trying move in on Nina somehow... I hate to complain, though, and he left after we had a bit to eat.

Marley-2.jpgMarley: *sympathetically* Well, you know how he is sometimes. He always does tend to get what he wants.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: *defensively* What do you mean?

Marley-2.jpgMarley: He's just that kind of guy, someone big and handsome like him. He knows how to push people's buttons and get what he thinks he's got comin' to 'im. You had to've seen it a million times, dates with whatever girl he wants, making plays on the football field, scoring Cs and Bs when he's clearly not a C or B student. But that stupid [expletive] pig jackass is too [expletive] stupid and [expletive] impatient and will [expletive] ruin [expletive] everything!

Marv looked at his books and thought about what Marley was saying.

Marley-2.jpgMarley: *pats Marv's arm, smiles sympathetically* Marv, I like you. You're cute, smart, and nice. Just be careful about Tory and Nina.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: *smiles, withdraws arm* Everyone seems to be telling me to be careful about Nina... *a bit coldly* Thanks for the warning.

Marley kept a friendly smile on her face, but inside she was boiling with rage...


After class, Marley decided to stay a while and keep Marv company. She occasionally did this in the fall and before Christmas break, but these days (especially since Marv had started going out with Nina) she didn't really stick around.

Marley-2.jpgMarley: *a bit too friendly* So, you doin' anything fun after school today?

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Nah, got some homework I won't do and some studying I don't need to do. You?

Marley-2.jpgMarley: Me too, I got nothin' really going on...

Marv-2.jpgMarv: *zips up bag, smiles* Well, see ya. *turns and walks out of classroom*

Marley-2.jpgMarley: *scrambling to catch up to him* What, am I not cute enough to warrant any more attention than that? So, you meeting Nina now?

Marv held his book bag on his shoulder with his right hand, and his left hand was shoved into his pocket. Marley walked close to his left side, and he felt his personal bubble being impinged upon.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Uh, yeah. We meet after school everyday. What's going on with her? She rarely holds more than a five minute conversation with me, now she wants to follow me in the halls?

Marley-2.jpgMarley: Oh, that's sweet.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: *mutters, half to himself* Like sugar...

Marley-2.jpgMarley: *giggling* You're so funny, Marv.

They turned the corner and walked towards Nina's locker. Nina made eye contact with Marv and as usual smiled and waved at him, but she had to stop talking to Tory in mid-sentence to do so. He looked slightly perturbed, but didn't lose his composure. Marv smiled back, but didn't wave (partially because he didn't really feel the need to, and partially because Marley made him slightly nervous and he didn't want to give her something to grab.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Something's wrong with Marley... *hugs Nina* Nina, how's it going?

Nina-2.jpgNina: *grinning* Great, now! Anyways, we were talking about the dance this Friday-

Tory-2.jpgTory: Yup, gonna have a big party afterwards, you guys are totally welcome to come, if you want.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Oh, that sounds like f-

Marv-2.jpgMarv: *looking down his nose at Tory* I don't know, I'm not sure how much I'd enjoy that. No stinkin' way, seriously dude.

Marley-2.jpgMarley: *leans against Marv's other arm* Ah, Marv, Tory throws the best parties, you'd be missing out if you don't go!

Nina-2.jpgNina: Well, we'll talk about it and if we go, we go. See you tomorrow, Tory. Who's the skank?

Tory-2.jpgTory: 'Kay, Neens. See ya.

Marley-2.jpgMarley: Okay, well, I guess I'll be going too. See you tomorrow, Marv.

With that, she squeezed Marv's arm, giggled, and skipped away, purposely allowing her skirt to float in the air to give them a good look at what color panties she was wearing (red).

Nina-2.jpgNina: *grumbles* What a whore...

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Yes, she is, bless her heart.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Dan-O! Finally a friendly face.

Nina-2.jpgNina: *glares at Marv*

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Besides yours, of course, you beautiful thing you.

Nina-2.jpgNina: That's right, don't forget the girlfriend, Marv-O.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: So, I heard you guys had some drama after I left on Saturday.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: *confidently* Nah, nothin' we couldn't handle.

Nina-2.jpgNina: *pokes Marv's ribs* Yeah, after I cornered you and beat you into submission.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: Ow.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Seems like Tory's having some kinda party this Friday after the dance.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: You heard about that?

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Ran into him right before I met you guys. He actually invited me.

Nina-2.jpgNina: He musta really taken a liking to you.

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: *inwardly pleased that he warranted an invitation to a party thrown by the “coolest” kid in school* Never been much o' one for the in-crowd.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: *growls unhappily* Go with the feeling.

Nina-2.jpgNina: Aw Marv, you gotta relax, and trust me like I said.

Marv-2.jpgMarv: I trust you, it's him I don't trust.

Nina-2.jpgNina: *releases Marv's arm, speaks defensively* What about that girl who was makin' the eyes at you? Should I be worried about that?

Marv-2.jpgMarv: No, I don't know what's going on with her. She usually asks me how my day's going or whatever before class and then I never see her otherwise. I am totally mystified by Marley's actions today...

Dan-O-2.jpgDan-O: Well, I think both of you guys should relax. *puts himself between them and places his arms around both of their shoulders* You guys are letting too much outside noise get in the way of making something awesome with each other *steps back from them and pushes them together in front of him* Now kiss and make up before you upset the kids. *waves at Taro and Kari*

Aaaaaaaaaand, we'll stop here for today. Thanks again for reading, and we'll see you again in a couple days as THE PLOT THICKENS!

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gahhh...you must like keeping us in suspense!! :P

Marley seemed nice in the beginning, now I am not so sure, maybe her and Tory are better suited for each other :rofl:
I am in agreement with Dan-O, they do need to stop worrying, BUT being teenagers, that will never happen...they will soon learn that the world is a lot larger once they have finished!
Btw, I liked the last chapters length :D

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Hehe, we shall see. Their world is still quite large. Things this summer (for them) will change that a LOT, though... I'm glad it wasn't too long. Some of the sections I wrote go on for 5-8 pages in Open Office (or Word, if that's what you're using), so, I'm trying to snip a little here and there to make them easier to digest.

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