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Al Kadir and Surroundings+ Replies



hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't been very active on simtropolis this week, but I've been busy with school

updates on this Cj will now be on Sat.. Today we'll be looking at the second biggest city of Sotoa and its

former capital, Al Kadir, this city is made up of canals and rails, when the Langodi Dynasty came into power

in 1922 they moved the capital to Sotoa City. Please enjoy



10000000000000: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it

111222333444: Thanks man

spursrule14: Thank you, I love your alien worlds CJ

ggamgus: Thank you, yes I'm used to the comment but I like to be moddest :D

canadiansim: Thanks, I like that pic a lot too

Schulmanator: Oh, you mean the flora, thank you

Roberto Robato: Thank you

Sky Guy: Thanks, your CJ's are amazing as well

k50dude: thanks, theirs been a lot of debate between the first and last pic, lol

Bipin: Thank you very much, your Cj is so amazing, I'm your #1 fan. :thumb:

vortext: ha ha, a little mistake in realism.

spursrule14(again): Thank you, I'm honored


and once again a big thanks to all the commentators, this will be a short update, I'm sorry, I'm just really busy


a canal and rail running along the outskirts of Al Kadir:


the rail leads into the small centre of the city:


and finally, the large commerce area on the coast where the growth is on the Kadir Peninsula:




Green: Al Kadir, Sotoa: The West Coast Shipping Co. (WCSC) expands into Al Kadir, bringing in more jobs and a better economy.

The company rivaling Mattson Shipping Lanes has made double the profits of Mattson Shipping Lanes (MSL) due to faster and larger ships. The WCSC brags saying they are the #1 traders of the world, making Sotoa the head of the trading empire.

Purple: Oslen, Yukotabania: The Yukotbanian Navy has agreed to move from disputed waters into the port of Oslen. Yukotabania apologized for the dispute and hopes for better relations. Shia Langodi says the dictator kindly agreed to move the fleet of warships in hopes that Sotoa and Yukotabainia can, one day, get along.

Orange: Aurelia (occupied by Leasath) revolts in Port Smith has Leasathian authorities very occupied, (no further details realased by the gov.)




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Great Update! It seems you photoshopped JRJ's Transparent ploppable water. I love those trains though! Hmm, Yukotbanians have moved their fleet. Bummer. Once again, lovely update.... :golly:
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