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Baychester City: Mulholland

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Wassup you guys, I'm back from a rather long hiatus to bring you the next update in the tour of Baychester. This entry will have little text and 8 pictures to maximize visual enjoyment. Sorry, about the mismatching number keys, I'm using a mixture of pictures for the CJ.

To start, we begin with the single largest housing cooperative in the Baychester Metropolitan Area and the second largest in the United States after Co-op City in Bronx, NY. In many ways this development is like its larger sibling in NY.


Near this housing area is Randall Stevens Field, home of the Baychester Lobstermen, a rather new expansion team in the MLB. This is the second MLB team in Baychester. Founded in 1989, the team has been a consistent example of futility, with only 2 winning seasons and a single playoff appearance in 2002. This lack of success has prompted many fans to pull out their paper bag masks.


Alongside the baseball field is the home of Baychester's lone NFL franchise, the Baychester Sounders, named after the Long Island Sound, which Baychester is located some 10 miles from. This team has been a successful franchise with many playoff runs and 2 super bowl championships in 1981 and 2004.


Near the stadiums is the Baychester Convention Center which arches over the parking entrance area.


Moving on to the downtown portion of the city, we see the Old downtown along with the TD Ameritrade building and the RDA Building (the Lipstick Building).


Here is the AMV plaza, the Fremont Center (green bldg.), the Baychester Communications Building (blue bldg. in foreground), and the BASF Center (the white and blue bldg.). Mulholland is famous for its "checkerboard" plaza areas.


This is a close-up on Republic Plaza (the blue one) and the the other buildings in downtown.


Finally, here is a full overview shot of Downtown Mulholland.


See you guys later; the next update should be within a weeks time.

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