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NT Airport: WIP




Spidey: Yet still some more under-development! As for the smooth curves, once you get used to them, then it doesn't take that long....just some small hiccups along the way. And frdm920 answered the last question.

James Kevin: Thanks

Sam: Keep trying and they will eventually grow how you want! Also, try and keep track of what grows under which style, makes life a lot easier

MamaLuigi945: Thanks, I do have it, I am just a bit forgetfully before I take the pics in SC4!

TD: Love you to TD :wub:

10000000000000: Thanks a lot! I am glad you found the pics realistic

920: Since when are you in the new CJ section?????? And no, I don't know your opinion :P

Today's update will bring yet another Work In Progress (WIP) as I started this airport a few days ago, and would like to show it to the community :)

NT Airport

Region view of the Airport (On the left)


Where the airport is in the city tile


Business bays


747 gates, runway, and taxi-ways


Entrance into the airport, still undecided on the RHW.....


Enjoy the pics! Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome.

I am not sure when the next update will be, as family will start to arrive on Friday for my uncle's wedding on the 3rd of September!


Airports are the toughest for me to make. It looks like you have a nice start here, though. There is another airport pack by a dude in Japan named Bripizza, but I prefer the one you're using a lot more. I'll be looking forward to the next update, regardless of when it is!
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I like the looks of your airport. The diagonal taxiways and terminal buildings look nice. In real life, airports tend to cover a large area. I'd say that your airport should cover about half the city tile. Nevertheless, this is a great start for sure!
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The terminal design is nice and I look forward to your next update :golly: .If I had to offer some cc, I would say to vary the planes a bit more. Other than that, it's looking very nice. :thumb:
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What's the business bays? There are many weird interchanging tiles there that, in my opinion, should't be there.
But, I'm tired, so I'm cranky. I'm sure when I wake up later today (at 7, which is in about 5 hours, yes I'm still working), I'll have more positive input.
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