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Washington D.C (capital of The United States territory)

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Pretty self explanatory, The capital of the U.S territory in the region of Timbuktu. Even though with a population of 268,094, its not the biggest city in the U.S territory, it certainly is the the most historic and nicest.


Founder in 1889. ^

Ariel shots



Uptown, with classy historic homes and condos.



The heart of the U.S capital





You can see the history


The memorial, White house and the Monument





More buildings and the U.S national team playing.


And more



Even with its history, the city is always being updated!


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I don't see the NAM streets in this...so which makes this city 50% more unrealistic. Washington, DC has a 6 lane road leading to the white house. 


If you don't use NAM I would strongly advise you to do so.

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Washington doesn't have such a lot of buildings, Washington doesn't have towers at all! The highest monument is the Washington monument .

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Doesn't really look like Washington. Washington in the year 3000 maybe? I don't know.

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okay, not to rain on your parade but in DC no building is allowed to be higher than the washington monument, but other wise it looks like a great city just not like DC though.

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first of all, the grass in fron of the washington monument should be replaced with the reflective pool. On the other side of the reflective pool is lincoln memorial, not the US capitol. and are you sure there is a cemetery right next to the misplacd US capitol? probabaly not. One more thing, the white house is placed in an incorrect angle, but I love the rest of the city. It's very modern. I would give it a 3.5

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ahahha to everyone I made this so long ago! before mostly when I had all Maxis stuff which made it more natural from the game. I do use NAM and everything now, this was just along time ago. Also I know its not a replica really but my version anyways

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Also, that very tall building is actually a hospital ! the only reason i used it is because it can hold a lot more then the regular maxis hospitals!

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Nothing like Washington DC, especially because there are buildings bigger than the Washington monument, and as the rest pointed out, that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's a nice way to see it for yourself, but it's not even close to a recreation.

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