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Southport is the busiest and largest area in the city of Port Matthew (and probably on the whole island). It is home to the Suzumebachi SLB baseball team and the Defenders STHL ice hockey team. It is across the river from Fuji-cho and borders PMU and the Blue Village to the east, and two as-yet-to-be-named neighborhoods to the south and west (heheh, haven't gotten that far with names yet). There are plenty of schools, parks, businesses, shops, and sights to see, all of which mix together to make up the most dynamic area of the city-state.

Now, let's take a look at what once was and what has become of it...


The old Defenders' Plaza, a mishmash of different plazas and trees irrationally placed next to each other in an attempt to make something nice but just... wasn't...


Today, Defender's Plaza is just nicer. The styles mesh together nicely, and it's consistent. Not as amazing as some other parks in other cjs, but still, not bad anymore, right?


And from another angle. I have too many of those Hong Kong Financial buildings, or whatever they're called. Some must be culled in the near future...


The old Stadiums. I really like those underground malls, but I've used them so much, things had to change...


Oooo, what have we here? New BATs! The much more elegant Defenders' Arena is home to the Port Matthew Defenders STHL team, and they'll try for the Cup this year after a short hiatus! Hachi no Su Field (Beehive Field, for those who were wondering) is the home of the Port Matthew Suzumebachi (Hornets) SLB team, a place often referred to as "The Hive" by locals.


Here's another older image of the old waterfront and stadiums. I think I was on the right track, that's not a terrible picture.


But, things have definitely gotten better. The trees are nicer and the style is more integrated. My new developer (me, hahaha) decided to use a more consistent style to just make it look nicer.


Southport High School, home of the Barracudas. They are a powerhouse in most sports, and currently in a tight rivalry with Mt. Plains in girls' volleyball. They have a big match coming up, I've heard (CHECK OUT MY OTHER CJ, THE SENSATIONAL SIX TO FIND OUT!!!)...


Another angle because, hey, why not?


Southport is home to a great many residents, and they live close together in these highrise apartment complexes. The bigger apartments (condos in English, mansions in Japanese) often comprise of two floors instead of your usual one.


And at the eastern edge of Southport is the Blue Village, with its many bridges to East Bank. This one is the most famous: the Gateway to East Bank (or just "The Gateway" if you're lazy).


The Blue Village was named a long time ago for the blue apartment complexes that popped up in the original PM years and years ago. I've decided to keep the name, but gone are those apartments (which is too bad, I liked those). The Port Matthew Institute of Art is the centerpiece of the neighborhood. Yeah, it's Maxis, but I use a ton of museum BATs in other cities, and this one only shows up here. Anyways, there are a great many art galleries and artists' lofts in this section of the city, and during the Summer Festival (Natsu Matsuri) there is a wonderful celebration in this district, and many people are attra- oh jeez, I've talked WAY too much about this!


And now, we'll take a view of Defenders' Tower. This is looking east towards PMU.


Southport Station (both monorail and train stations).


We come to the end of our FIRST update of Southport, and we'll close with an overview of the western and riverfront areas.


And finally, the eastern area.

Thank you for taking a look at my journal. Thanks especially to those who read my words, I try to read as many of yours as I can, too!

*BONUS: From whence Port Matthew came:


This is an overview picture of Port Matthew from before it was lost in a file save error. I had to re-load an entire map and import the uncorrupted cities to save my region, but the main city was lost forever. The new version I've been working on is so much better anyways, it needed to happen. :D

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Yep, nice mix of buildings: not entirely maxis but still a good amount, which is good, because they aren't that bad are they? :lol:
You may want to adjust your shoreline though, it would look better.

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TowerDude: http://simcitymemo.seesaa.net/category/9068284-1.html Ask and ye shall receive!

escilnavia: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/22358-coastal-modd/ Ask and ye shall receive! I'm using the tropic sea mod, but there are like 983457843990932432 that are included (I could be exaggerating).

Sky Guy: Thank you! Everyone scoffs at Maxis stuff, but they did design some darn nice buildings. Lotting needs help, but hey, nothing's perfect ;) .

111222333444: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=830 Ask and ye shall receive! NOTE: You must be a member of SC4D to download, and you must be logged in for the link to work.

Adrianor: Thank you, and see? That's what I'm saying! Anyways, yes, I know what you mean about the sea. I wish there were a few more hours in the day for me to play and really get at some of the details. Perhaps in the future I will get to that. Still have to finish my region, though!

Schulmanator: Thank you! I know you were there at the beginning! Thanks for sticking through it all, it's much appreciated!

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jcooper3105: I can't remember if I sent you a message about it or not, but here you go: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/20233-itc-the-american-football-fields-project/ Searching for "American football" or even just "football" in the STEX will lead to a number of really great-looking stadiums as well.

burnzie_16: So, I probably could have edited that entry a bit better, but a couple of the pictures posted are from my city before it was made over. If you read the text, it should be apparent. Also, this is a PG13 website: please be careful about posting expletives.

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The same thing happened to my main city :(

Luckily all the other surrounding cities were ok and all I had to do was rebuild the main city, and it turned out better!

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