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From Beginnings

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Midland is a suburban town in the middle of a mountain range on a flat land. The Midland Computing and Electronic Company bought land along the Blair River to construct a town where their premium computers, calculators and other electronics will be built, and provide quality homes to their employees.

From Beginnings

New town, new life. No town can operate without roads, though!


This area north of the river will be our residential district. Many homes will be built, some historical in design and some very modern!


Our expert zoning advisors advised we put commercial next to industrial. Many of our employees were against it, claiming that they did not want to drive through smog clouds when going to the local department store, however, as government is always right, in our beliefs, we kept it.


Power plant is in, now to wait for growth!


Houses are developing! Look at those suckers, moving in to a middle of nowhere town with no road connections! *evil laughter*

Oh and a mayor house and a school appeared somehow.

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Nice start, waiting to see more.
Btw, you may need to improve the river side, like some parks around it, and make the ground straight :D

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