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Note № One

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Good time of day, simtropians, simtropolians and simptropolisians.

First of all I must confess that I lied when I wrote in my Laslind CJ that I coped with a creative crisis coming over me ["Liar!!!11 Burn him!!!!!111 :evil:..."]. I complitely lost interest in making this CJ in the style I chose with twisted storyline, radically photoshoped pictures and numerous additions named "By The Way". It is a very difficult, very time consuming and very long way of making CJ which I'll never pass through to the end. So I can say, that for now this CJ is not dead though, but it fell in a very deep coma and so it goes far away in depths of CJ-section until the possible recovery.

And what about this CJ? This is going to be kind of my notebook, where I will post various sketches and workpieces made in SimCity 4. It is not going to be permeated with any idea or story, and there will be not even many words in the description of the images - just showing what I made being inspired by something or somebody. Simply saing, this is CJ about everything I'm making in SimCity.

And in the very first note I want to show you pictures I have made for Laslind, but which will not be posted there according to reasons being described upper:

This was going to be a place called White Walls.


Here I tride to make realistic desert landscape.


And here is mountain landscape.


This was going to be a grace house located in the Stalpfen Mountains.


I spent a lot of time on doing this monastery, so let's look at this closer.






For the first entry will be enough. Hope you'll like and comment it.

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Holy Moly Soer_II, your landscaping skills are amazing, you got to show me how to do the desert for my CJ, 5/5 amazing work, I look forward to more!
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[quote name='111222333444' timestamp='1314040958']
Holy Guacamole! I'm looking forward to your next updates!100.00/100.00 for this one!

I think your system must be malfunctioning today. This deserves 194 out of a 100, man! That's amazing... This is the threshold where SimCity 4 turns from a game made to build and design cities to a game where you can create huge monasteries or make a medieval town. SimCity 4 is becoming bigger and bigger as a game, and this proves it! I am going to click as further right as possible when rating this!
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand with the above comment, "Rocky Top" will be in my head the rest of the night;). Anyways, those are fabulous landscapes. I'm ready to find God and move to that monastery. 5/5!
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