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Sotoa: State of Fulgani + Replies

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hey everybody, its friday again so that means another update of Sotoa.

I hope you enjoy cause it took me hours to build and worked very hard on realism.

Also so far Siam is great and will come put the first Thursday of September.

Now the entry, once again enjoy.


111222333444: Thank you for the very high rating :thumb:

ggamgus: haha, thank you very much

10000000000000: maybe, I don't think the Sultan would like a war (cough, cough) but its possible, and thank you.

NMUSpidey: Thank you, It's been a hot summer hasn't it?

k50dude: sure thing: I use lunapic editor and use soft lighting, sharpening, and skin smoother, and the use the pouring rain affect, thanks

pielover94: lol, thank you for the encouragement! :D

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________here it is the state of Fulgani, a large provenience of Sotoa.

Zambodi, a small city inside of the provenience:


The farming land of Fulgani:


And Finally the third largest city of Sotoa and the capital of the State of Fulgani, Sueznam:


hoped you liked it, please take the time to comment and rate, thanks


Sotoa News Corporation (SNC)


Blue: Sotoa City, Sotoa: The Bank of Kazar sees a surge of profit, saying more Sotoans are taking out loans. Due to the great economy established by Shia Langodi, bank officials say that the interest rates have lowered over the past year. Shia Langodi's approval rates soar at a massive 88 percent like, and 10 percent dislike. According to a study, Sotan income rates have increased since Shia Langodi came into power. The Bank of Kazar thanked the Sultan on a commercial and now support him.

Red: off the coast of Sotoa: The Yukotabanian fleet stays in the same location, saying that the waters are rightfully theirs. The SDD( Sotoa Defense Department stated "The Yukotabanian's were very ignorant and obnoxious and a Sotoan naval fleet would quitely "escort" the Yukotabanian fleet out if they needed to." The Sultan, Shia Langodi has even arranged a meeting with the Yukotabanian dictator, Vladmir Haskoni about the issue. The sultan said today at a speech that " this minor problem will not affect us in anyway and all Sotans should not worry about it. The meeting will be on Sunday, August 21st.

green: Barbarian territory: Yukotabania says it will anex the barbarian land called Haban if the barbarian leader Hussan Jabut, does not sign a capitulation treaty. No other details have been said.


Thank you,



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I find your city's realism has greatly increased, I can tell you've worked hard! Also, the soft focus effect on the last city picture is spot on. Well done!
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