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Chapter 1-2 : Estherville Industrial District Introduction

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Phew, I'm lucky. Today, I'll just introduce you Estherville Industrial District before settle other stuff about Esther and its city journal. I do have time to update because next week, I might not have time for computer. :(

Chapter 1-2

Estherville Industrial District Introduction

-Being a tour guide-

So hello, I'm your tour guide Thomas and I am going to show you Estherville's Industrial District, abbreviation commonly as EVID (pronounced as E-VID). So, let's start with the only power station here, EVID Power Station Od (EPSO). To your amazement, that power station can fill more than the District's needs. There is a contract to give power to the Suburbs.


Over there, you can see two water treatment plants and lots of water pumps. The reason why there are two because one of them (left side of the picture) is not functioning and its repairs failed, so they installed another treatment plant to cure its worst water pollution made in the District. Now the same mayor from the Suburbs, Hanson Ivi, is deciding whether the old treatment plant is going to be demolished for new industrial buildings.


You can also see the part of the industrial district with the place in action.

The district has also commercial and residencial buildings. First of all, the mayor would not like that idea, but because all from the Suburbs would not come here to have a job, he decided 'let's build residencial zones'.


Right now, the mayor is planning a big project to be build. Rumours spread both in the District and the Suburbs that it is ready to construct a skyscraper or two residencial towers but it is not confirmed.


Now, let's go to the coast of the District. There is a seaport where industrial companies' trucks travel there to drop off cargo to other places or even regions. Mayor is happy that they are earning from it.


Here's the western coast where there are houses and commercial buildings.


The Mayor's house


The District also has railway transport but for now, it is not yet used because there's no contract yet from main Estherville. There are two stations, one of them is for passengers and another is for cargo.



So, this is the end of the tour, thanks for coming but don't leave yet, why not experience being a industrial worker in the District for a day. Okay. Thanks again and good bye. :)

-Now being normal-

Ok, so let's discuss about what will happen next.

The city journal might be inactive for a while until next Saturday or so because I have not much time to do something for Esther. Also, I'll reply to your comment instead of posting replies on the next update.

If you want to know what modifications I used, feel free to message me but not reply in the comments.

So thanks for reading and make this city journal popular for me, kay. :ohyes:

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