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Nik B.



The City by the sea, built in the early nineties as a paradise of commerce, wealth and prosperity. A place for the rich to relocate, to protect themselves from such difficulties as crime, and economic depression. The City Planners hailed it as "a City that goes against the grain of the atrocities of the modern world" and "The last true bastion of peace". Wealthy businessmen flocked to the region, to set up shop, to make their millions in the tax friendly environment, and to bring up their families where crime was nonexistent.

It wasn't meant to be.


Detective Jon Simms is the last member of the CPD left that has any belief in the values the city was founded on. Surrounding him are cops who are as bad as the criminals, growing fat on the bribes from the local crime boss, Von Claude. The man was responsible for nearly all the murders, robberies, trafficking and gambling in Cowabunga, and every knew that he had Mayor Roberts firmly under the thumb.

With the residents fearing the future, the economy collapsing, and with no hope of change in the future, The papers called the place "The Haven of Crime". Now, almost everything that made the city was gone. And, considering that Von Claude controlled all means of entering and exiting the city, the likelyhood of anyone leaving is grim. I believe Trapped is the most appropriate word.

Detective Simms is the last hope of changing things. And he has no backup to call, no person to turn to in desperate times, and little chance of surviving past the end of the week. Because this is Cowabunga, the most corrupt city on the planet.

And he's just declared publicly that he's out to change all that.


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