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BTT (CJ section): 30 June 2011

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Hi, TowerDude. Even better work this week!!!

Hi, ESTERNOCLEIDOMASTOIDEO. The viewers must have liked your work last week - and welcome!


Ben's Top Ten

Auburn is at number one for a 5th week.

Three re-entries again this week:Republic of Insulo at 2, Imperial Kingdom of Posillipo at 5 and Switzerland at 10.

Ben's Special Mention goes to TowerDude, who has 3 CJs in the Top Ten - the first time anyone's managed that.

Happy CJing, and I'll be back next week.


Ben's + 10

Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms by _marsh_

The Island of Okumara by Wallacet

City of Angeles by Dethsrow

The State of New Loreto by panthersimcity4

New Chandler by k50dude

Dragon islands Cities by Skimbo

Republic of Onubis by Evillions

Slovakia by 9988

Akadia by the00guvna

New York by IAM AJAK

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[b]Towerdude[/b] is becoming BTTdude (and not because he's a master mountain biking :D )! And also congrats to [b]Greekman[/b]!

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Hehe Thanks Ben, and TekindusT aswell, I amam happy that my CJ's are popular, and also congrats to Greekman ! :thumb:

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thanks guys! I think i will be falling and losing my spot soon....i had a great run!!! thanks ben!

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