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San Lorenzo, the other foggy city

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So..... I've done more alterations to San Lorenzo. I just felt like the city wasn't..... Western enough. San Lorenzo is a west-coast city, but I've always designed it like it was an Industrial East-coast port. Well, I have to balance it out. A lot of inspiration for the city comes from San Francisco, even though New Loretians don't like Californians. :P

The big modern structure at the top of the picture below is the Naval Museum. I also moved the arena and in it's place put a lovely little park, since I realized the central part of San Lorenzo did not have a park!! :dead:



Like San Francisco, San Lorenzo encounters heavy fog in the sky, caused by the lateral transfer of temperature by wind blowing over cooler water. (Yes, I copied that part from Wikipedia :P). This type of fog occurs in coastal Mediterranean climates like that in California and New Loreto. It usually happens either early in the morning or later in the evening.



And now, just a bunch of random pics!






Thanks for reading!

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It looks great, but in my opinion it looks more like NYC

Commented from my iPad from Brazil!
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Really great looking city. It would be nice to visit and it really shows a lot of culture.
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Dosen't look californian at all, maybe northern, or more of a portland or seattle. Anyways, always done nicely
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escilnavia: I did get inspired to do the Little Italy part from New York, and I suppose the New York-style w2w buildings give off that look too.
Zulu2065: Thanks!! San Lorenzo does have culture, it just tends to be all concealed by huge fast food corporation advertisements. :P
sneakeypete: Thanks!!
Evillions: Thanks!
Tosh.oh: Thanks!!
dabadon5: That would make sense since I'm from the Pacific Northwest. :P Thanks for the comment!

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