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Moritz - St. Gallen - Historic District

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St. Gallen


Welcome to the Historic District of St. Gallen. The city is divided into two districts of architecture, the western half seen below, and the eastern half which was largely destroyed during WWII and thus has newer and more modern construction.








Like many larger towns in Moritz, St. Gallen is a narrow and very dense city, built to keep it's ecological impact small. There are very few roads in the historic district, citizens and tourists either walk through the crowded and winding streets, or ride the subway which runs underneath the city.

Built in 1992, the U-Bahn has one line that runs from the western portion of the city over to the newer eastern portion. The terminus for the lines are Parliament in the historic district, and the Naturhistorisches Museum der Burgergemeinde St. Gallen (National History Museum of St. Gallen) on the eastern side.

Parliament can be seen in the image above, with the large plaza in front of it. Offices for the staff and Parliament members can be seen across the plaza in the square building.

The most influential Guilds in Moritz all have their houses on the main plaza. To this day Moritz is still influenced by the guild system, which has major control over many aspects of the economy.


These historic Guild houses are still in use today, and are the lifeblood of the Moritz economy.


Parliament is split into two chambers, the House of Commons and the House of Royals. Seen above is the house of Commons, which is the larger of the two chambers.

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Very nice flora use, what is it

Commented from my iPad from brazil!
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I love that city, it's very nice!I like the lotting on those squares and just the general design of it all.
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