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Update 28 | Return To Athanos




Return To Athanos

Update 28

Welcome back guys, sorry about the prolonged absence of my updates, but I've been quite busy and also I had to completely rebuild Athanos after an unfortunate save during a period of time when the water and power was off, so... that caused a very.... dilapidated city.

But DO NOT FEAR! I've rebuilt a newer, and better Athanos! So, here we go.

First, I will show you the location of Posillipo, and then Athanos.

On this map, you can see Posillipo on the continent of Althena, it is highlighted in Orange. This map was made by _marsh_ and is home to USNW's member nations. Click for full size.


This is the location of Athanos with in Posillipo. Click for full size.


Now, I'll hand you over to your guide.

Bonjour, mesdames et messieurs. I'm Châtele, and I'll be your guide today, and we will be boarding the helicopter momentarily, but first I'd like to thank you for coming on this tour with me, and I hope you enjoy it.

Looks like the pilot's ready, why don't we go a ahead and board, and get started with our tour.

Alright, we're off. We'll start off with the government centers, first is the Capitol building. This building was built in the early 18th century, as part of the capital project. This project was started by King Charles V.


Image One: The Capitol Building

Next, we'll venture over the cobblestone streets to two more renaissance-era buildings, the Senate building and the National Assembly building, the buildings were built as twins.


Image Two: The Senate Building


Image Three: The National Assembly Building

Onward we go, to the Royal Palace, home to Her Majesty, the Queen of Posillipo. A little information for you, Her Majesty has over 15 Palaces across the country and her other dominions, and she also owns many residences to her self, were as the other palaces belong to the state. Also for use by the Sovereign, are many vacations residences and apartments across the globe.


Image Four: The Royal Palace

Next, on our tour, we will view the oldest church in the city, Saint Étienne Basilica, also home to many of the tombs of the past royals.


Image Five: Saint Étienne Basilica

As we carry on, the oldest remaining capitol building of Posillipo, and there are many, is this one, the Original Capitol Building.


Image Six: The Old Capitol

Many countries have embassies in Posillipo, but the most important, and closest friend of Posillipo is Insulo.


Image Seven: The Insulonian Embassy

Home to the highest court in the realm, is the Supreme Court Building.


Image Eight: The Supreme Court Building

Next up, is the National Library, home to all of the historic documents that are important to the Posilliponian people.


Image Nine: The National Library

Also on our itinerary is the Ministral Complex, home to Her Majesty's Ministries and also many embassies from Posillipo's closest friends and allies.


Image Ten: The Ministral Complex

Now, we will head into the City Centre, home to many of the wealthiest businesses on Adonia.


Image Eleven: The City Centre.

Do you need to get somewhere fast? Like, really fast? Well, hope on a train at the Central Station.


Image Twelve: La Gare De Capital

Want to take a bird's eye view of the city, get on the elevator and ride to the top of the Observation Tower.


Image Thirteen: Tour De l'observation

Last but not least on our tour, a night's view of the City Centre, I hope you enjoyed our tour, I know I did, come visit us again.


Image Fourteen: City Centre Shot 2

I hope everyone enjoyed this update, I know I enjoyed making it. :) If you have the time, please leave me a little comment below, like my cj, and rate it, also tell your friends! I'd really appreciate it.


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that is really great love all the buildings, where did you got that National Library?
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Wow, from the first time I've meet you, you had the best stuff. And now I've seen since I've been gone (yes I am back) that you've improved significantly.. GREAT JOB!!! :thumb:
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YES! I don't even know how you made half of this, but it doesn't matter, cause it's amazing! :D
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Excellent Update as always Chip, very nice choice of buildings.
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Very realistic looking and great use of custom content!! I really love the Royal Palace! Keep it up! :D
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this is absolutely amazing chip !!
you continue to grow in leaps and bounds..
I honestly know of no other CJ better than what you have going here..
there are trixies in your future my friend

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great CJ your capital is fantastic,unfortunately I don't visit this CJ section much so I haven't spotted this before
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Holy cripe!! I would also love to know where you got those buildings. Simply stunning!
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I would just like to say this is an amazing city! I truly love all these magnificent buildings! I was just wondering what game system you used? For example Sim City 4, Sim City 4 Delux Edition? And again I would just like to say absolutely beautiful and truly a master piece of a city.
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Link for those wondering where he got the National Library. http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1525
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this is fantastic. the city looks very livable and scenic and i love your representative buildingsand the city centre is awesome too.
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Wow, this looks great! Where can I get the old capitol?
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