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Battle of the Antean Islands Part 1

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The Akadian 1st Tank Army has been steadily driving through Jersey Federation lands, and has now reached the barrier island that will lead them to New Antea, the capital of the Jersey Federation. Wisely, they have decided to dig in and let the Jersey Federation attack them, as they know the president of the Federation will not allow for an Akadian force to be this close to the capital.

The Akadians have constructed three lines of anti-tank defenses, two log lines and one stone wall. Pictured here are the Akadian forward positions.


The Akadian rear-echelon, with several reserve tank formations and rocket artillery installations.


The field headquarters of the 3-star General Tymos of the Akadian Army.


The field headquarters of the Federation forces.


A Federation light tank battalion.


Federation heavy tank spearheads are moving toward the Akadians now.


Akadian fire holes the fuel tank of the lead tank in the leading spearhead.


In return, Federation tanks hit and destroy a section of the anti-tank wall.


Akadian tanks prepare for a massed volley.


Akadian rocket artillery gets the order to fire with all the tanks.


Akadian fire devastates the leading formation.


Federation troops destroy a good portion of the log barrier.


A few Akadian tanks are also hit.


So far, this battle seems to be solidly in Akadian hands.

But, stay tuned for Part 2 of the battle, (and Part 3, if there is one).

Thanks for reading!

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I love the story line to your city!!![img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/17.gif[/img]

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:O Nice... to make it even better try using the "Yellow Pause Thingy Remover" on the STEX :ohyes:
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Excellent work! I like tank battles, but will there be an Air Force involved later on?

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[b]ken52891:[/b] Thanks!
[b]City117:[/b] Thank you for commenting!
[b]111222333444:[/b] Thanks for your comment. I will try that.
[b]usfighter15:[/b] Thanks! No, but there will be naval ships.
[b]TheBuilder99:[/b] Thanks for your comment!

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[b]Eric77lv:[/b] Thank you very much!
[b]speedstick171:[/b] Download what?

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They are the SNM tanks, available on SC4 Devotion. You must register there in order to download them.

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