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1560-1570 The Kreigan War

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(authors note- I know it has been almost a year since my last post, the reason being is that I haven't had the time to do so, and also, I haven't played simcity 4 that much either. Please forgive the excessively long delay and I hope to create more entries as my summer goes by.)

The Kreigan War 1560-1570

In the years following the MSRV's takeover of Mertucia, there was civil unrest within the town of Kreigan Atoll. In fact, several citizens believed that if they could defeat the Yandavarans 60 years ago, they could most certainly defeat the Venetians. In 1560, they rallied the citizens and attacked the main Venetian outpost in Kreigan Atoll. The attack was a very unsuccessful one. This action angered the Doge and the Venetians countered.


The counter attack burned the rebellious citizens homes leaving a pile of rubble and ashes.


But the Venetians didn't stop at just a few citizens homes. To anger the citizens more, they burned down several buildings in Mertucia along with their cathedral.



The overthrown government then addressed the citizens saying "Leave this to us, Do not get involved. We'll take care of them." Armed with magnificent ships and swords (since they discovered an iron deposit under New Ravenna.) They pleaded for help from Yandavara and since Yandavara despised the MSRV, they agreed to help. And together, the two countries fought against the MSRV.


The two opposing sides met outside Mertucia where a battle broke out. Mertucia and Yandavara won the battle, but not the war. After several battles, the two forces agreed to talk peace terms. Since MSRV was on the winning side, Mertucia had to give up Kreigan Atoll and New Ravenna. Yandavara had to give up San Vertucia. The Most Serene Republic of Venice would rule most of Haludua for quite sometime. Until, their power weakened in the region.

Spoiler? I think not.

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