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Update 14 - welcome to the south of SC




@panthersimcity4: Thank you, i like plazas really much. but sometimes i wish i would have more pieces :)

@afanado: gracias! i'm glad you like it


hello simtopolians

today i have a few new pictures of Santo Camarone to present. they show the southern part of the city, away from the downtown.

i hope you enjoy and comment :)

we start at a rainy day


but soon the sun dries everything and shines on





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The last pic is absolutely amazing, the mid rises next to the suburbs looks good

Commented from my iPad from Brazil!

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Outstanding pictures :) Great work avoiding the grid and the transitions between neighborhoods.

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where did you get that small canal along the road in the second picture?

very nice pictures, but i agree with Mikeaut1. if you have GIMP (or Photo-Shop) you can fuse two tiles together so you don't have to see the grid that lies outside of the tile.

You could also change the angle so you can't see the outside grid. I'm making this suggestion because the city itself looks so realistic but it ends abruptly where the tile ends.

my last suggestion would be to turn the 'shadow' effect on and maybe raise the volume of the traffic automata in the graphics options window.

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nice. In the last picture the zoo really looks like buenos aires zoo with those highrisers in the background.

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