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1: Beginning

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A Spaceship the size of midtown Manhattan crashes on a plannet much larger than the sun.

This Spaceship, called the Starship Grand,was sent from Earth to explore an Earth-like

planet discovered in July 1st, 2012. This spaceship landed on July 4, 2076. Needless to say,

there was a large explosion.


Two boys walked out of the burning rubble. after two days of resting,Those two boys, both 14,

noticed there were no trees around for miles due to the explosion.


The only trees around were pieces of drift wood floating in the nearby river and the little creek.


The two teenagers, using their survival skills alone, built a small wooden cabin.


Hoping to get some food not affected by the fire, the kids ran over to the crater, and they found a

miracle. The "Phone" that was used to call headquaters back on earth was still usable. They called

HQ immediately. The HQ decided to send several passenger ships to the planet. Knowing the wait for company

would take at least 64 years,to pass the time, the boys went exploring. They knew it would be dangerous, but

They needed more wood and food. using only wooden spears and their fists, the boys headed out into the unknown.

To be continued,64 years later!

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