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The Overview of previous updates

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So, I decided to bring The Optimia Magna back for a while, and take a break from my new popular CJ Slovakia. For, now, I made some new pictures and edited them again, to provide you short summary of this CJ. So, look.

The Optimia Magna is City Journal about alternate history of Roman Empire. The city mainly portraited there is city of Optimia, fictional city from roman times located in the southern Anatolia, being one of the largest and most important cities in whole Empire. One of the largest and most interesting city quarters is the Canal City.


Another parts of city are also worth visiting, like Gardens of Leonidas located near Grand University...


...Or beautiful small hilly island Isla Imperialea located on the south of city.


But, this CJ was portraiting much more cultures, contacted by Romans through the alternate history timeline, like well known Germans...


...and also Chinese Empire on East.


There was also long and devastating war between Rome and China, but, nobody won and peace was soon estabilished.


Another major city portraited there was also well known Alexandria.


The Roman Empire also sailed far away to the western waters, discovering remnants of mythical Atlantis and new cities were founded there...


...and they also reached Terra Nova, the America, with civilisation of Maya.


But, after centuries, there happened also many interesting events, like Imperial Revolution and estabilishment of second Roman republic.


This all was The Optimia Magna...

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WOW! awesome! I liked the "against china" thing... the city looks awesome... the lighthouse looks so real... 10/10
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