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Largest Airport ( 1st update)

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Hi there.

Lately I have been working in the main airport of Larna, as you know Larna needs a big airport and I never did it before because I didn't have the props necesary to do it. My first attempt was the King Felipe II Airport. Now I am working with the Emperor Charles V Airport that is quite larger.

The next picture shows in big scale the elements I am using in the airport.

In Black, and in the borders of the picture there are 8 runways

In Brown there is a web in the middle that are avenues, some of them form 2 circuits.

In Red there is a web of GLR

In Pink there are six Passenger Terminals

In Light Blue there are the areas of hangars and cargo

In dark green at the center there are nine parking multi level lots

In dark blue there is a rail train station

In light green there are highways, solid lines are not underground highways, and dashed lines are underground highways

Since my last post some weeks ago I have been working on it, it is at 50% by now.

Suggestions are welcome




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Looks good so far, but to give some honest critique; there are far too many planes and jet bridges. You should check out some airport maps sometime to help you out. Might I suggest Frankfurt's airport or Amsterdam Schipol? I always thought they were pretty good airports.

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Thank you gogosano, My idea was to create a huge airport with many hundreds of plane and gates, so far they are 540 gates, after all the region by now has 27'000,000 people and is expected to keep growing, this Airport is inspired in a mixture of Los Ángeles and Atlanta's Airports.

If it lacks of realism, I agree, after all simcity is a game.

Los Ángeles



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Wow really awesome airport and I know your region population is going to keep increasing and i got to see that region someday But what you put in last comment about my airpot wasn't nice I recommend you can say: ("Hey really nice airport and that Jorge Carrilo created a awesome airport and i would like to see it it and that it has more than 500 gates and its more organized")and instead of you hate me you should exchange ideas we can both learn knew things about airport I kind disapointed : :cry: :sly:

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