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BTT: 9 June 2011




Hi, TekindusT. The competition is definitely tougher in the new section - so well done for having been in the Top Ten every week since December last year.

Hi, Schulmanator. Not so volatile this week, with only one re-entry.

Hi, DCMetro. It seems like every week is a selection of good CJs.

Hi, TowerDude. All three are there again this week - good stuff.

Hi, terring. I'm also a fan of Alien Worlds, so nice to see it gain some more popularity.

Hi, 9988. Another rise for you this week...

Hi, GreekMan. Don't thank me, thank all the people who commented in your CJ.

Hi, spursrule14. Rising...

Hi, Skimbo. I am sure you'll be back at some point, and I'm looking forward to it.


Ben's Top Ten

Auburn holds on to the number one spot this week!

Not much other activity, some reshuffling in the Top Ten and only one re-entry for New Chandler at 5.

Happy CJing, and I'll be back next week.


Ben's + 10

Schellingen Stadt by mrtnrln

Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms by _marsh_

# Historical Bolendan by kelistmac

Auckland & Greater Region by Craig-Abcvs

Harar by Schulmanator

Inaka Desert by KHRYSTOF

Valles Marineris by Alejandro24

San Pedro & Mesias by panthersimcity4

Republic of Onubis by Evillions

Bietsthal by TowerDude

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