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Stranahan Hills

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It's time for a new entry! This time we will head towards a neighborhood of the city of Port Matthew itself! I may have mentioned before, but I've been going through and slowly redesigning many of the cities I've made. There are more than a few easy sections where before I just slapped it together and left (those are easy to improve), but Stranahan Hills was always meant to be a nice part of town, so there aren't a whole bunch of updates for this particular section.


We'll start with a look at Stranahan Hills from above. The district is bordered to the west by the Simlympic Village (part of PM's failed Simlympic bid from a few years ago) and to the south by Fuji-Cho, with the West River to the east.


The Port Matthew Main Library is located in Stranahan Hills very close to Fuji-Cho, as well as Stranahan Hills Station (both the monorail and regular rail stations of the same name). Helpfully two doors down is the PM Hard Rock Cafe, to fill your stomach after you've filled your mind with books!


A bit further east is the Port Matthew Convention Center, right across the street from the Stranahan Hills COCO Mall, which is a major destination for shoppers and sightseers of all ages.


We'll take a closer look because it just looks so cool.


Stranahan Hills' unofficial mascot is The Bear by the River. The high school has even adopted it as their school's mascot, and it gets decorated and repainted nearly every month (more frequently as major sporting events approach for the school).


Stranahan Hills High School, home of the Bears! They have an average football team and an above average upper-middle class segment of PM society to pay for some very nice things.


The stores behind SHHS are popular places for the students to spend some time after class. There appears to be a restaurant/cafe, a bookstore, a convenience store (helpfully stocked with plenty of sweets and snacks), and a tutoring center for those students whose parents feel that SHHS just doesn't do enough for.


I just like this particular picture.


And now some high-class apartments right on the riverfront. Residents of these particular buildings are afforded breathtaking views of East Bank across the bay and the Cliffs towering just across the river to the south. The New Crossing/Shinbashi also makes for a dramatic image from any of the eastward facing rooms.


Oh my, is it nighttime already? This shot was originally planned to be a night shot of the previous image, but I screwed up the location in my head and instead we will look at some highrise apartments near the COCO Mall.


PMCC at night.


I love The Lexington, both during the day and at night. I just think that some of the detailing is great for this building, and it looks nice pretty much wherever it grows.


And for our parting shot, a view from high above Stranahan Hills at night.

Thank you all for taking a minute to look at my pictures. I will add more later! See you soon:)

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Excellent work with this update!! I really love your selection of BATs that you use in Stranahan Hills. I just downloaded the Lexington into the city I'm working on and I have to agree with you, its a fine building!! I really also love that COCO Mall and haven't seen it before. Do you have a link for it? Great work, can't wait for another entry sometime soon! :)
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