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1 - Introduction and Teaser Image

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(The flag has a significant French influence, yes. That will be explained in a later entry.)

Hello everyone! This is the first city journal that I am attempting to make after lurking for approximately two years on this site. Seeing as I have reached a considerable amount of progress on my region, I figure now is the best time to do something I've always wanted to make; namely a quality city journal. This city journal is about a fictional American state located somewhere near the area between Montreal and New England.

Region View


My region is a highly edited version of the game's smallest region; Fairview. Due to the fact that my main computer is a netbook, it becomes extremely difficult (but manageable) to edit even a city on a medium size tile. Not to mention, I constantly demolish/relentlessly edit my cities as I get new custom content or as I improve my skills at making cities. Despite the small size of this region, I've worked on this for nearly two years now; I've yet to even finish it as you can see! I shall update the region view as I progress further however.

Teaser Image


A little taste of things to come! This is a shot from inner-ring suburban Haverford; Norfolk's capital city. The next update will focus on a bit of the state's history and other important information.

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