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Ledbetter Under major re development..



I just learned about plugins so I started playing this.. I made this city, then learned about NAM and NWM and Sunken highways, so its currently being re tooled... :)



fIRST I made this sunken highway, pretty generic...


And I had some sunken rail and sunken rail stations.. this one got messed up when I added more stations to meet capacity.. but I deleated all this now.. and in the next few pics lots of the roads dont attach, since Im in the middle of making it all nwm..


Now im building a sunken bus transitway where the old highway was..


some stations are still in progress.. :)


nwm overpass...


TRhere is a mod to allow you to plop buildings.. I only used it in 1 area.. the campus.. its spoze to be dorms, I was going to fool around with it to make it better.. this was more just testing the whole plop building thing..



Oooo, great shots. I'd like to see some close-ups as well - looks interesting!

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close ups :)

ya I know its not anything special compared to some of the others but Its pretty damn nice compared to my old (non stex) cities so i like it. :)

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You should terraform your city
Some streets are not raccorded to the other networks

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what do you man terraform? yup I know a lot of the roads dont connect, im in the middle of adding NWM so the intersections are all blown up. :)

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Not bad! Though:
I would highly reccomend a slope mod. Your slopes are WAAAAy too steep.


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