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BTT: 2 June 2011

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Hi, spursrule14. Glad you found this thread ;) And the ratings are not included on the formula, so I feel the Top Tens are a decent reflectiong of popularity.

Hi, TekindusT. T&R did better in the old section than the new - unusual!

Hi, 9988. Nice climb for you this week.

Hi, GreekMan. The rating scale is indeed the same - and congratulations on your new entry!

Hi, escilnavia. It's all about updates and replies...

Hi, hijodecordoba. The last few weeks have showcased some top CJs indeed.

Hi, TowerDude. It's all about you this week - two in the Top Ten and one in the +10 - impressive!

Hi, ccecill. See what I said to escilnavia.

Hi, simfreak1998. Thanks for your great comment - much appreciated.


Ben's Top Ten

I'm not sure what it is about the new section, but this is yet another time when a CJ has jumped to number one from outside the Top Ten...

Congratulations to... Auburn!

Schulmania is a re-entry at 6, and Hong Kong 2.0 is back at 9.

Happy CJing, and I'll be back next week.


Ben's + 10

Bietsthal by TowerDude

The United Kingdom of Posillipo by Simfreak1998

Republic of Llithustania by huston

Auckland & Greater Region by Craig-Abcvs

Valles Marineris by Alejandro24

Soviet Rust by penguin1634

Eden by Terring

United Kingdom of Cattala by thomaskrules

Socilaist Republic of Matinenda by Sirron Khuhc

Republic of Baldur by LastTrueChamp

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LOL, the competition is fierce here in the new section, all the CJs on the top places definately deserve to be there!

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Indeed, the new section does seem to be quite volatile. In the week before last, I think I had about 200 views. This past week, 2000. You just never know. Always good to see so many CJs here. Rock on! :bunny:

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Excellent list this week... and I can't believe I made the +10 last week with a CXL CJ. :P

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